Servicing Hawaii with Aloha.
In a sea of computer services and service companies, our goal has always been to provide superior and friendly customer service. Computers, especially when they stop working the way they should, can be very intimidating... and so can the people who come to fix them.

No one wants to deal with computer geeks with abrasive, know-it-all personalities. We have no desire to dazzle you with our technical jargon and leave you mystified as to what went wrong in the first place. We love working with people, as well as computers, and will help you through your computer problems, without talking down to or patronizing you in the process.

The HulaFish Ohana.
We provide a wide range of clients and industries with a variety of technical support and internet development services. Here are just a few of our satisfied customers.

The Evolution of HulaFish.
In 1996, Jamie Mather founded Mac-On-Wheels here in Honolulu, providing friendly and reliable on-site Macintosh support to home and business users. As demand for his personal brand of technical and customer service grew, Mather was able to expand both the business and the concept.

In 2000, with a new, larger business model, Mac-On-Wheels became HulaFish, offering the same level of quality service and customer care in PC support, networking, and internet development, in addition to Macintosh support. Today, HulaFish continues to expand its services and capabilities, but maintains its commitment to that initial primary goal of superior customer service.


Where'd you get that crazy name?
We get this a lot. With our focus on personal and friendly customer service, we wanted a name that would be fun and show a little personality, unlike the vast majority of cold and impersonal computer service businesses. We wanted something with a little taste of Hawaii. And yes, we obviously like fish. Thus, HulaFish was born.

Little did we know at the time that there actually IS a "Hulafish". The Eastern Hulafish, or Trachinops taeniatus, is a little Australian fish about 10cm long, and is named such for its "exaggerated swimming movements".